COVID-19 Vaccination Publication Getting Media Attention!

A recent publication by InSPHIRe lab members Dr. Geers, Kelly Clemens, and Emily Jason has been generating a lot of media attention. The study described in the paper entitled Psychosocial Factors Predict COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects (Geers et al., in press) found that COVID-19 vaccine side effect expectations (e.g., pain at the injection site, fever, chills, headache, joint pain) predicted side effects in participants three months later. These findings demonstrate the well-documented nocebo effect (i.e., the opposite of the placebo effect), in which negative expectations of treatment result in more negative treatment-related outcomes. Congratulations on the publication! Check out some of the various media coverage below:

U.S. News and World Reports:

NBC 24:

University of Toledo News:

WTOL News:

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