Former Students

We like to track the success of our students, both graduate and undergraduate, after they leave our group.


Ashley Murray – Cancer Research Training Award Fellow, National Cancer Institute
Yopina Pertiwi – Assistant Professor, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Olivia Aspiras – Assistant Professor, Clarke University
Fawn Caplandies – Data Analyst, Marketing Associates
Lindsay Roberts – Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Catherine University
Erin Vogel – Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University School of Medicine
Shane Close – Department of Homeland Security
Sydney Chan – Data Analyst, Detroit Chinese Business Association
Jill Brown – Quantitative Research Analyst, US Army Public Health Command
Heather Wojton- Research Analyst at the Department for Defense Analysis (DOA)
Stephanie Fowler – Associate Director of Epidemiology at IQVIA
Heather Rasinski – Data Quality Analyst, Magnify Analytics
Justin Wellman – Associate Professor and Department Chair, Hartwick College


Michael Abernathy – Pursuing MBA, University of Toledo
Lauren Albers – Pursuing M.D., Emory University
Mathew Altiere – Eastern Michigan University
Ayman Aouthmany – Pursuing M.D. at Wayne State University
Angela Baker – Kansas State University
Juliana Black – New York University
Emily Blanks – Pursuing PsyD, Adler School of Professional Psychology
Brittany Brest – Community Psychology, Wichita State University
Scott Brown – Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Program, University of Toledo
Alexia Byrne – M.S.W., University of Toledo; employed at Zepf Center
Jessica Castellani – Pursuing M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Toledo
Chantal Crane – Pursuing M.S.W. at the University of Toledo
Erynn Daum – Pursuing Master’s in Counselor Education, University of Toledo
Chloe Fairchild – Counselor Education, University of Toledo
Jacob Fox – University of Missouri
Maria Franco – Pursuing PhD in Developmental Psychology at Loyola University
Stefan Gudz – Cleveland State University
Eveliina Hartus – Pursuing M.A. in School Psychology at the University of Toledo
Ceara Hershburger – PsyD, Adler School of Professional Psychology
Shannon Holleran – University of Arizona
Amber Holnapy – School Psychology, Cleveland State University
Emily Jason – Pursuing Ph.D. at the University of Toledo
Amanda Johnson – Therapeutic Support Staff at NHS Human Services
Buse Kahyaoglu – Pursing M.A. in Counseling at the University of Toledo
Rebecca Kamody – University of Memphis
Trisha Khambadkone- Pursuing M.D. at the University of Toledo
Kristin Kosbab – Senior Manager, Insights & Strategy at Tyson Foods
Patricia Liu – Pursuing M.D. at the University of Toledo
Samantha Mallin – Employed at Harbor Behavioral Health
Ciara Metzoian – Pursuing M.D. at the University of Toledo
Quincy Miller – Pursuing PhD in Experimental Psychology at University of Toledo
Jessica Minich – University of Akron
Rania Mourad – Indiana State University
Steven Noel – Brooklyn College
David Oberleitner – Wayne State University
Jennel Okotah – Pursuing M.A. in Clinical Mental Health at University of Toledo
Heather Pase – Baylor University
Kandice Perry – University of Wyoming
Andrew Peters – Pursuing M.S. in Criminal Justice at Youngstown State; employed as Coroner’s Investigator
Morgan Rohan – Pursuing Communication, Michigan State University
Abby Ruble – Pursuing M.A.Ed in Counseling at Capital University
Mary Selden – Pursuing PhD in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Georgia
Jacquelyn Smoktonowicz – Cleveland Clinic Counselor
Ashley Sneed – Pursuing M.A., Bowling Green State University
Katharine Sroka – Cleveland State University
Sagan Stevens – Temple University
Hannah Tucker – Pursuing PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Adler University
Charles Vogel – Pursuing Ed.S. in School Psychology at University of Toledo
Tulley Wahren – M.S. in Counseling, Wright State University; employed as Licensed Professional Counselor
Mike Warren – Ohio University
Rebecca Williams – Pursuing O.D. at Illinois College of Optometry
Hanna Wutrick – Pursuing Master’s in School Counseling, University of Toledo
Chelsea Wymer – Master’s Program in I/O Psychology, Xavier University