Graduate Students

Below you will find information about our current graduate students.

Kelly Clemens, M.A.

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Office: UH 6505

Kelly is a second-year student working with Dr. Geers. She earned her B.S. in Education at Central Michigan University and her M.A. in Counseling at Oakland University. Kelly is interested in how social and cultural factors impact health behaviors and decision making. Aside from research, Kelly enjoys spending time outdoors, going for runs with her dog Leela, reading good books, and baking.



Keith Edmonds, M.A.

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Office: UH 6510

Keith is a third-year doctoral student in Dr. Rose’s lab. He earned a B.A. and M.A. in psychology at California State University, Fresno. Broadly speaking, Keith is interested in the social and cognitive processes that impact health decisions, especially in vulnerable populations. He is also interested in risk perception and risky decision-making related to health (e.g., substance abuse and HIV/AIDS). Besides work, Keith likes spending time hiking, traveling, cooking, playing pool, and listening to music.



Lizz Gallinari, B.S.

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Office: UH 6511

Lizz is a second-year doctoral student working with Dr. Rose. She earned her B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Communication Studies at Bridgewater State University. Lizz is interested in how comparative processes, both in person and online, impact well-being, self-evaluations, and future behaviors. Other than research, Lizz enjoys hanging out with her cats Pye and Henry, collecting salt and pepper shakers, and rereading the A Song of Ice and Fire series.




Noelle Herzog, B.S.

Noelle Herzog


Office: UH 6506

Noelle is a first-year doctoral student in Dr. Jason Rose’s lab. She earned her B.S. in Applied Psychology with a minor in Business, Entrepreneurship at University of Michigan-Flint. Broadly, Noelle is interested in how norm perception/influence as well as perceived vulnerability/risk fosters the attitudes and behaviors of gun culture on the macro and micro levels of society. She is also interested in understanding how social media interacts and influences gun culture. By studying gun perception in the United States and comparing this culture to that globally, she aims to scientifically contribute to the focus of reducing incidences of gun violence nationwide. Other than research, Noelle enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, skiing) and arts/crafts (painting, wood burning).


Sam Oswald, B.A.

Sam Oswald



Office: UH 6508

Sam Oswald is a first-year doctoral student in Dr. Rose’s lab. He is from Midland, Michigan and attended Saginaw Valley State University prior to enrolling at the University of Toledo. Sam’s research interests include social comparison theory, terror management theory, social media, and video games. Some of his hobbies include reading fantasy or sci-fi novels, playing video games, baking, brewing, photography, and playing with his adorable cat.